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Facial Rejuvenation: "Dear Dr. Buckley: It is with warmth and heartfelt gratitude that I write to you today; so many times I've tried to put into words just how grateful I am for the excellent fat transfer you did on my face. Almost 15 months have passed since the first round of fat transfer, and I am still awe struck and amazed by the final results of what you did for me. The fact that I have been told that I look 50, when in fact I am 70, is a real testimonial to your work. If I could choose the ideal physician and mold a doctor into everything I would want to find as a patient, I couldn't have done it as well as what you are as a physician and as a human being. Seldom do I find a doctor that has such a passion for their work and more so care for their patients, and monetary gains are not their first goal. I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere and deep gratitude for your extraordinary work."
L. B., Pennsylvania

Facial Rejuvenation:"I am finally able to go out to dinner – the opera – without worrying that I will have to meet one of my husbands’ co-workers.  I am so much happier now.  I actually smile and say I am happy to meet you and it isn’t a big lie. Thank you for my life back!
PS – I no longer tear my nails off – they have grown out because I am so much calmer."
BD – New York

Hair Restoration: "I came in March 2010 for a hair restoration procedure due to thinning hair. Being a 26 year old women and having to deal with the embarrassment of thin hair is pretty hard. I opted to go ahead with the procedure after meeting with Dr. Buckley and his staff. I felt comfortable immediately after meeting everyone. There was no doubt I would be in good hands.
The procedure went as expected. My recovery time was a bit longer than I had originally thought and there was frustration at first because I was expecting results right away. I had to just relax and wait. It's been 9 months and the results have definitely exceeded my expectations. I no longer spend 20 minutes just trying to pull my hair back. I am more comfortable in public as well.
I definitely will book to do another procedure in the near future. I love this office and trust you guys 100%. It's worth the drive up here!"

Laser Liposculpture: I'm so excited, I can fit into my pants now and am so happy with the results!
DB, New Jersey

AFT (Autologous Fat Transfer) and Laser Liposcuction:After surgery, I couldn't believe how great I felt the next day. I am a flight attendant and actually flew to Iberia the next day and went to the gym the next day, I had laser lipo and AFT (autologous fat transfer) done and expected a down time of 4 days. Never did I think I would be at work and working out - WOW. Thank you Dr. Buckley!
PM, Hackettstown, NJ

"I am a truly critical person, especially about my face. This place, MilfordMD Advanced Dermatology, is New York's best kept secret. Dr. Richard Buckley's skill beats New York cosmetic dermatologists. He's the Best!"
E.K., New York, New York

Laser Liposuction-Liposculpture: No more size XL. I am size medium now and even take a few smalls. I can wear tight shirts that I couldnít wear before. I am now in Fredericks of Hollywood clothes and Victoria Secret bras. There are no more bulges over the bra line. I can wear sexy and exotic clothes now and mini skirts again. Men chase me again. It is fun again.

Laser Liposuction-Liposculpture: I'm the type of person who needs drugs if I stub my toes so I was a little apprehensive about the lipo (laser liposuction-scupture). There were a couple of uncomfortable moments but overall, the process was much better than I expected. I was able to relax and carry on a conversation and the discomfort was never more than an occasional "ouch". And, the results make those ouches well worthwhile.
One Week Results: I am thrilled- I was able to see the waistline in the mirror at home but to see the profile at just 1 week compared to the before is unbelievable. I couldn't believe that was my body. And, I can already see that the "love handles" are gone. I expected to be really swollen and lumpy for the first few weeks, but instead I can see how great I'm going to look when the healing is complete.

Laser Liposculpting: Dr. Richard Buckley and his staff have been absolutely wonderful to me from the moment I made the intial call to today, the day of surgery. They were very informative and made sure I was comfortable. Durning my laser liposculpting procedure we sang, laughed and talked about our families. The procedure was painless, just a couple of pricks and Dr. Buckley made it better. On one of my sides I was actually laughing because it tickled. Overall this experience so far has been great. I am so excited to see the results in the next couple of weeks.

Botox: I love my Botox results from Dr. Richard Buckley. My forehead is so smooth and he has taken years off my face. I love coming to the office. Everyone is so friendly and Dr. Buckley is the best. I am thrilled with my results and so happy I found a doctor I trust so close to home.

Male Breast Reduction - Laser Liposuction: "My primary objective was to reduce the size of my "man breasts". Diet and exercise did not work, so I did some "homework" regarding liposuction. I saw the billboard for MilfordMD and went on your website - laser lipo vs. traditional lipo - no brainer!! Came in for my "free" consult (which no one else offers!!) and attended one of your seminars. I was immediately impressed with everyone on your staff as well as the facility. When I met Dr. Buckley I was so impressed by his passion for what he does that there was no doubt in my mind that MilfordMD was going to be my choice! Looking at before and after pictures of others and talking to your staff I knew exactly what to expect from the first time I took the bandages off. I was overcome with, for lack of a better word - joy! The day after surgery I was blown away at the results. All of it exceeds my expectations and I know that in the months to come it will only get better and better. Thanks to everyone at MilfordMD."
MA, New Jersey

"Hi Dr Richard, FYI- I am getting so many compliments on how pretty (and much younger) I look. Thanks for your wonderful work!"
T.R., New York, NY

Liposculpture: "The biggest difference is in the fit of my clothes .. there have been major improvements over the 3 months, virtually no soreness ... The surgery itself was reasonable. It was not particularly painful but I would describe it at times uncomfortable. Of course at times I was also feeling as though I was getting a massage (and falling asleep). My curves are impressive - particularly around my waist. Seeing my before and after pictures at 3 months was the best!!!"
K.A., PA

Fillers and Botox "I come all the way from Manhattan because Dr. Richard Buckley is the best of the best. Yes, he's better than all the other MD's that I had gone to in Manhattan. He listens and makes great judgement as to the exact amount of work needed (fillers and Botox). His work always makes me look refreshed, younger and very natural."

"Dr. Buckley was very genteel performing injections around the eye, nasal area, lips, and chin. You could just feel he was Michelangelo at work. The numbing agent (lidocaine) along with the cool air blowing about my face created a calming effect."
JW - Pennsylvania

"I think Dr. Buckley’s work is wonderful!!  I was nervous at first but Dr. Buckley made me feel much calmer about my non-surgical Rhinoplasty procedure.  I won’t go anywhere else.  I’m so happy to have had this as opposed to regular surgery.  Dr. Buckley doesn’t treat this as surgery, he treats it as an art.  The result has given me a boost of confidence.  Love it, love it!!"

"I am very happy with the results of autologous fat transfer to my hands, fingers, feet and toes. I feel more confident with myself when I need to talk in front of a group of people. And, I also feel more confident when a television news crew is asking me questions or filming some of the things I do where I work."
MB, Pennsylvania

Laser Tattoo Removal:"The laser treatment to remove tattoos in my opinion is just as much an art as getting the tattoo in the first place.  My friends and I are so amazed by this procedure – it’s fantastic!"

"I had been going to a very well known doctor prior to coming to Dr. Richard Buckley and there is no comparison, which is why I travel an hour and a half to come to MilfordMD Advanced Dermatology in Milford. Dr. Buckley just looks at your face and knows exactly what to do and how to do it. Itís like he sees who I was 15 years ago and brings that person out. Heís a true artist, a Michelangelo. I feel so good about myself now. Manhattan Methods in Milford is an accurate description of the services Dr. Buckley provides."
Linda M., PA

Laser Lipo - Liposuction"Despite enough Internet research hours on Smart Lipo/Pro Lipo to get a degree from Google University, I still felt nervous about the procedure. But from the moment Dr Buckley introduced himself during our consultation, I felt at ease. Then, as he thoroughly explained the procedure (much better than my Google research), I was comforted by his vast understanding of it and his ability to relate it to my specific needs. His office staff are very helpful and so fantastically friendly, I want to invite them all to Thanksgiving dinner. Dr. Buckley's qualifications, coupled with his kind mannered persona made me feel beyond trusting of his ability to return my body to the reflection for which I had hoped. My husband and I were so delighted with the results, that he too went in for the same procedure and had a phenomenal outcome! Dr Buckley is an amazing surgeon... a real treasure of the Poconos... and despite the 90 minute drive, I'd consider going nowhere but Pocono Medical Care's MilfordMD Advanced Derm. in the future. Lots of love from the lighter bellies in PA!!!"
M.S., Pennsylvania

"I have been coming to MilfordMD Advanced Dermatology since 2005 for BOTOX, Microdermabrasion (MDA), Laser Rejuvenation (IPL) and most recently Smartlipo (Liposculpture). I think that it’s most important to have a certain comfort level when having these procedures done and I can speak freely with Dr. Buckley and his staff to get all the information I need. I come to Dr. Buckley because he is highly qualified, keeps on top of all the latest procedures and all of my results have been excellent. Manhattan Methods in Milford is an accurate description of his services as there’s nothing I can get in Manhattan that I can’t get here at MilfordMD Advanced Dermatology. My SmartLipo procedure was totally painless and was just as the Doctor had described to me beforehand. I have recommended his services to many of my friends as well."
Y.F. , NJ

"I Love You Dr. Buckley! I love my nose- in the past Iíve always hated it and then with no surgery and no pain, injections only Ė itís gorgeous. I feel so much more confident. When I come here to MilfordMD Advanced Dermatology Iím so excited because I know Iím going to feel great about myself. I love coming here Ė when I leave Iím on cloud nine; and cloud nine knowing Iím coming back for more good stuff."
CJ Ė Hawley, PA

Facial Botox:"Botox Cosmetic has had a positive and long lasting impact on my overall sense of confidence as well as my physical appearance. My first Botox Cosmetic procedure was during the summer of 2006 at Dr. Buckley's office in Milford, PA. The effects of Botox were almost immediate. Dr. Buckley informed me that results last generally 3-4 months, but it would be nearly two years before my second Botox Cosmetic procedure. Due to Dr. Buckley's professionalism and skill, I returned to his office for my second procedure. The results following this procedure lasted over two years. I am very pleased with the overall effects of Botox Cosmetic along with the skill of Dr. Buckley. Though the side effects of Botox Cosmetic did include mild flu like symptoms, I never experienced drooping eyelids or any of the other side effects often reported with Botox Cosmetic. As of today, I just completed my third Botox Cosmetic procedure at Dr. Buckley's office and will return for all future procedures involving Botox Cosmetic."
Age: 27
PR, Brooklyn, NY June, 2010

"My husband and I have been treated by Doctors Marina and Richard Buckley since their grand opening in 1987. I have great trust and faith in both doctors as they have treated me for everything from chronic adult diseases to dermatological conditions and lesions."
Barbara, PA

Lip Rejuvenation: "I am so impressed with Dr. Buckleyís work, manner and expertise. The numbing was all gone by the time I got home and when I applied lip stick, I couldn't believe how great my lips looked. He's a true expert, true professional and Iím so happy heís my doctor. I love the Botox brow lift he does, as well. Everything looks super. Dr. Buckley, you are an amazing artist!" Very truly yours,
Laurie, NJ

Facial Fillers: Juvederm & Radiesse"Dr. Richard Buckley is thoughtful and his compassion for you as an individual shines through. His injections of fillers (Juvederm and Radiesse) to my face were done with the most gentleness I have ever had, so soft. Dr. Buckley is always thinking of you not just as his patient but as an individual."

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty with Radiesse"I first came to Dr. Buckley in January 2006 for injection Rhinoplasty to correct the bump on my nose. I did not want to have any kind of invasive surgery, due to the risk of complications and the use of anesthesia, so I had been looking for a less invasive alternative for quite awhile. I was so happy when I discovered that Dr. Buckley could perform this procedure and I am really happy with the results. It was a very comfortable experience and I feel so much better about myself now."
A.M., New Jersey

Juvederm (Filler) and Fraxel Laser:"I am a 47 year old recent divorcee and after having my lips done by Dr. Richard Buckley (plumped with Juvederm), I was shopping in Home Depot and every man in the store wanted to help me. My lips looked so seductive.
Then, I had gotten my first facial Fraxel treatment by Dr. Marina Buckley and 4 days later I went to get some cigarettes and the clerk insisted on seeing my ID. When I showed my ID, he was so surprised to see I am 47 years old, that he got so nervous he could not ring up my order."

"Laser liposuction: How is it afterwards? The procedure was easy and everyone was pleasant and explained every step of the way. The compression garments I wore after the procedure were uncomfortable but all the effort was well worth it. Getting dressed I no longer have the decision to let my stomach bulge show or try to pull it up over my waistband.
Thanks Dr. Buckley!"
JF - Pennsylvania

"I recently decided it was time to freshen my look – I was divorcing and sad and all these things that come along with that circumstance. As scared as I was of the possible pain or the fear of outcomes, I couldn’t imagine, I decided to come and see Dr. Buckley. I had been here years before for a small touch up and he had put me at ease then – and he did so again now!! Not only did he perform the procedures to a level over and above my expectations and without pain, he also provided some very good advice. As he worked on my looks he spoke with me and worked on my feelings as well! I have to think him twice!! Once for the new and beautiful face and again for the new, happy inside of me, too!!
Thank you, Dr. Buckley."
M. Q.  PA

"Botox — it's a miracle! I love it & am a loyal fan now!! No more lines! I look like I did in my 20's! Can't tell when I'm stressed or squinting. Can wear my hair differently. (no bangs!)"
M Schmidt, N.J.

"I am by no means a vain person...ok, I'm a vain person.  I want to look good, look younger than I am,  and look the best that I can.  Dr Buckley has done wonders for me in that arena! Botox is a magical thing in the right hands, and Dr B is an artist.  People in Hollywood talk about not getting Botox because they can't be expressive if they do, but I say they are seeing results from people who are sub par or aren't experts in the use of Botox.  I was happy with my initial results that I saw 2 weeks after my first visit and it just keeps getting better and better. 

The initial visit is laying the groundwork and my first impression was that it would mostly involve the forehead area, but I was wrong.  Dr B has tweaked and improved practically every region of my face and nobody can tell.  People say to me "wow, you look amazing" or "you look so well rested, did you just come back from vacation?" but have never guessed that I get Botox.  That is the beauty of Botox and Dr. B's get spectacular results without anyone knowing that you did anything.  You can confess and praise Dr B as I do, or you can shrug and say "good genes!". 
Dr Buckley's skills in dermatology helped me to start modeling at age 37...and now at age 39 I feel like I look even better.   Thanks, Dr. B!!!"
Maureen Snell, NJ

My name is Kevin Snell. I am a 39 year old pharmacist and I never dreamed I would get Botox. I accompanied my wife, Maureen, to her first Botox treatment with Dr Buckley. We didn't really know what to expect, but we felt very comfortable with Dr. Buckley within a few minutes. After explaining what Botox treatments can do and how they work, Maureen was ready to go for it! I was impressed watching Dr. Buckley map out a custom plan for Maureen's treatment.....studying every part of her forehead and face. The treatment itself had hardly any discomfort. It was interesting to watch, like a physician fused with an artist. Dr. Buckley has great attention to detail and an obvious obsession with his craft.

About 10 days later, I saw the lines and wrinkles fading. Already beautiful, Maureen now looked "well rested", younger and more vibrant. It took years and mileage on her next visit, I became Dr. Buckley's newest Botox client. My previously furrowed brow is now smooth and youthful. I look as if I haven't had a worry or a bad day in my life. The beauty of this procedure is that the results are both drastic and subtle. Subtle in that nobody realizes that you have had anything done, it's not a shocking change.
Drastic, in that everybody notices that you "look good...rested....young" or "you just look like you are in a good mood today".

Well, we let our closest friend in on our secret and she now has an appointment with Dr. Buckley. When she decided to get Botox, we explained that even though she lives in Randolph, NJ she has to come to Pocono Medical Care. We love having a physician with skills and credentials that you would expect to find in Manhattan or Los Angeles right here in Milford, PA."
Kevin Snell, New Jersey

"I am very happy. when I wake up in the morning , I feel confident enough to walk out of my house without under-eye concealer. Also, I don't have to feel embarrassed about the lines on my forehead anymore. I don't have to worry about my make-up getting into the creases of my forehead and looking cakey. I can grow out my bangs now and not have to worry about cutting them to hide my forehead. Also, I look rested and not tired and older than I am. I am confident and happy now. I should have done this a long time ago."

"I love this place!  Heaven exists in Milford, PA at Dr. Buckley’s MilfordMD Advanced Dermatology!!!"
TF - Pennsylvania

"If you want the best, get the best. Itís that simple. I have seen Drs. Richard and Marina Buckley for the past year. Cosmetically, Dr. Richard has the most up-to-date laser equipment now available in this country and the expertise to use it. He will go into his ďtoolboxĒ and find just the right solution for your personal situation. I have had treatments with first rate clinicians in Manhattan and he outshines them at every turn. Not only does he ďdo the right thingĒ, he does it quicker and more painlessly. Down time is much reduced. Dr. Marina Buckley can address your general health issues with superior capability and an empathetic manner. She has handled my general physical and always thoroughly explores every aspect of the exam and subsequent testing. This is all, of course, enough to recommend them but, in addition, it is always pleasant to work with their bright and upbeat office personnel. They will make you feel at home."
VJ Ė New Jersey

"I have been seeing Dr. Buckley for the past 3 years for various cosmetic procedures, including BOTOX, fillers, MDA and laser scar revision. I travel for over an hour to see Dr. Buckley because my results are always very natural looking. I feel that if the procedure is done correctly, nobody can tell exactly what was done, they just notice that you look better. I am thrilled with everything that Dr. Buckley has done for me.
V.G., Pennsylvania"

"In July 07 I had full face CO2 laser resurfacing done by Dr. Richard Buckley. At a company summer party, several people came up to me and remarked ďYou look really good, canít figure out what it is, but you look great!Ē That made my day. My skin has continued to change, smooth and firm. I am quite pleased with the results."
DB, Pennsylvania

"I had my consultation with Dr. Buckley a couple months before my 40th birthday. I had a little BOTOX here and there and was very happy with the results. (Happy Birthday to me!) My face looks fresher and more awake. He recommended several options to take care of and to enhance my skin, he is very knowledgeable about all the latest non- surgical and surgical innovations. Everyone sayís I look great and that they would never guess my age- Iím happy with my new beauty secret."

"I have been coming to MilfordMD Advanced Dermatology for over a year now and I think both Dr. Richard Buckley and Dr. Marina Buckley are terrific. I have gotten all kinds of cosmetic procedures done by Dr. Richard Buckley and they make me look as young outside as I feel inside. I am 69 years old, but I feel as if I am in my 50ís. The treatments have taken 15 years off my appearance. I see Dr. Marina Buckley for my medical issues and think she is a great internist. I am very pleased with all of the treatments Iíve received at MilfordMD Advanced Dermatology Pocono Medical Care."

"I have been receiving Botox injections for severe frown & brow lines for approximately 5 years with another dermatologist. My results were the best in my first visit to Dr. Buckley for Botox injections. I no longer have that ďangryĒ look. I look forward to my next visits and results."



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