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NeoStrata brand professional skin care products are recommended by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons in over 42 countries and are the #1 recommended professional AHA skin care brand by physicians worldwide. NeoStrata Professional Brand Products are exclusively available through physicians.

NeoStrata Professional products are uniquely formulated with Alpha hydroxyacids (AHA) and Polyhydroxy acids (PHA) to enhance the therapeutic treatments and skin care recommended by your physician. These patented alpha and polyhydroxy acids are beneficial in improving the visible signs of aging or sun damaged skin and for the treatment of various dermatological conditions including acne, dry skin, hyperkeratoses and hyperpigmentation. NeoStrata offers a range of products for the face and body with various concentrations of AHA and PHA ingredients as well as combinations with sunscreens (SPF), lightening, or anti-acne agents so that the appropriate therapy can be matched to any skin type or condition.

NeoStrata products are dermatologist and allergy tested, fragrance free, dye free, packaged in recyclable containers and are not tested on animals. Most NeoStrata products are proven to be non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic, and the NeoStrata PHA (polyhydroxy acid) formulations are hypoallergenic. The containers are sealed with tamper resistant safety seals to protect the product integrity until opened.

Review the NeoStrata products on this site and discuss with your dermatologist or plastic surgeon which products or procedures are appropriate for you to achieve healthier, younger looking skin.

Ultra Smoothing Cream

A rich face cream targeting prevention and correction of the visible signs of photoaging. Ideal for first time AHA users with non-sensitive skin. Oil-free, Fragrance-Free and Non-Comedogenic/acnegenic. Formulated with 8% Glycolic acid and 2% Citric acid. 1.4 oz. tube.

Ultra Daytime Smoothing Cream SPF 15

This anti-aging cream is designed to help correct the visual signs of photoaging and prevent future damage through antioxidant effects and broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens. The Alpha Hydroxy formulation works on all layers of the skin to enhance cell turnover and smooth the surface. Ideal for first time Alpha Hydroxy Acid users with non-sensitive skin. Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free and Non-Comedogenic/Acnegenic. Formulated with 8% Glycolic acid, 2% Citric acid and Vitamin E. 1.4 oz. tube.



Skin Brightening Gel

This hydroquinone-free formulation is designed to brighten, exfoliate and smooth discolored skin. Also contains Vitamin C and extracts of Mulberry, Bearberry and Licorice root. Fragrance-Free. Formulated with 2% Kojic acid, 5% blend of Glycolic acid, Citric acid and Lactic acid and 5% Gluconolactone. 1.4 oz. tube.

Ultra Smoothing Lotion

This light, translucent, exfoliating moisturizer and cell renewal treatment relieves dry, rough and environmentally damaged skin, while helping prevent further oxidative damage. Provides treatment for non-sensitive skin on the face, hands and body. Fragrance-Free. Formulated with 8% Glycolic acid and 2% Citric acid. 6.8 fl oz. bottle.


Foaming Glycolic Wash

A pH-balanced, soap-free formulation for deep cleansing without irritation. Regular use will leave the skin smoothly textured and may reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Prepares skin for any NeoStrata professional treatment or product with a self-foaming delivery. Formulated with 18% Glycolic acid and 2% Lactobionic acid. 3.4 fl oz. pump bottle.


High Potency Cream

A potent anti-aging cream formulated to exfoliate, moisturize and restore skin on the face and neck to a youthful appearance and texture. Oil-free, Non-Comedogenic and Fragrance-Free. Formulated with 18% Glycolic acid, 2% Lactobionic acid and Vitamin E. 1.0 fl oz. pump bottle.


Bionic Face Cream

A high-strength, highly emollient cream designed to provide intensive moisturization and visible reduction of the signs of photoaging. Ideal to help condition skin after peels, microdermabrasion, laser, or for use with topical such as retinoids that can dry the skin. Fragrance-Free and Non-Comedogenic/acnegenic. Formulated with 8% Gluconolactone and 4% Lactobionic acid. 1.4 oz. tube.

Bionic Lotion

A light, high-strength lotion designed to visibly reduce the signs of aging and provide enhanced moisturization for dry to extremely dry skin, including eczema on the face and body. Ideal adjunctive therapy for topicals that result in dry skin or for pre and post-procedure use. Fragrance-Free. Formulated with 12% Gluconolactone, 3% Lactobionic acid and Vitamin E. 3.4 oz. bottle.


Bionic Face Serum

This intensive daily-use treatment is designed to provide intense moisturization and antioxidant benefits, as well as significant benefits across all photoaging parameters. Ideal for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pore size, laxity, sallowness and mottled pigmentation. Fragrance-Free. Formulated with 10% Lactobionic acid, Vitamins A, C and E. 1.0 oz. pump bottle.


HQ Skin Lightening Gel

NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening Gel is formulated with 10% Polyhydroxy Acids that help remove hyperpigmentation by gently exfoliating dark spots and enhancing cell turnover. Antioxidant chelators help to capture pigment promoting metals in the skin while Hydroquinone (2%) helps lighten discolorations. Added Kojic Acid (3%) and licorice extract promote an even complexion. NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening Gel will effectively lighten skin discolorations such as freckles, age spots and hyperpigmentation that may occur from pregnancy or from the use of oral contraceptives.

Daytime Protection Cream SPF 15

This lightweight anti-aging, antioxidant moisturizer is designed to both prevent and correct the visual signs of photoaging while providing broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sun protection. Oil-free, Non-Comedogenic/acnegenic and Fragrance-Free. Formulated with 8% Gluconolactone, 2% Lactobionic acid and Vitamin E. 1.4 oz. tube.


Oil Control Gel

This lightweight gel helps to minimize oil and control shine, while creating a velvety matte finish on the skin. Also contains Vitamins H, B3 and B6 to heal, soothe and condition the skin. Fragrance-Free. Non-Comedogenic. Formulated with 4% Gluconolactone, 4% Mandelic acid and Asebiol®. 1.0 fl oz. pump bottle.


Renewal Cream

This is an intensive anti-aging cream designed to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of uneven pigmentation and sun damage on the face, hands and chest. Due to the Vitamin A derivate, this product is not recommended for sensitive skin. Formulated with 12% Gluconolactone, 1% Pro-Retinol and Vitamin E. 1.05 oz. tube.

Lip Conditioner SPF 15

Moisturizes and conditions dry, cracked lips to make them appear smoother and feel softer, while protecting against sun damage. Also contains Vitamin E and Spearmint extract. Formulated with 4% Gluconolactone and UVA/UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen. 0.14 oz. tube.


Bio Hydrating Cream PHA 15

This highly emollient, high-strength formulation is designed to reduce the visible signs of aging and provide long-lasting moisturization. Ideal adjunctive therapy for topicals such as retinoids or for pre and post-procedure use. Perfect for patients who are unable to tolerate glycolic acid but desire the benefits of high-strength AHAs. Fragrance-Free. Non-Comedogenic/Acnegenic. Formulated with 15% Gluconolactone and Vitamin E. 1.4 oz. tube.




Bionic Skin Lightening Cream SPF 15

An effective hydroquinone-based lightening cream for daytime use, with SPF 15 to protect the skin from further sun damage. With regular use and sun avoidance, this cream will lighten discolorations in the skin such as freckles, age/liver spots caused by sun exposure, or pigmentation that may result from pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptives. Formulated with Hydroquinone, Gluconolactone, Lactobionic acid. 1 oz. tube.


Bionic Eye Cream

This antioxidant cream targets dark eye circles, puffiness and reduces the visible signs of aging in the delicate eye area. Also contains Green Tea extract and Cucumber extract. Ophthalmologist tested and Fragrance-Free. Formulated with 3% Gluconolactone, 1% Lactobionic acid, Vitamin K, Pro-Vitamin A and Vitamin E. 0.5 oz. tube.


Antibacterial Facial Cleanser

This non-irritating, soap-free foaming cleanser reaches deep into pores to dissolve impurities and help reduce problem-causing bacteria. Also contains Pro-Vitamin B5 and Chamomile extract. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Formulated with 0.3% Triclosan and 4% Gluconolactone. 6.0 fl oz. pump bottle.


Acne Spot Treatment Gel

Penetrates pores to quickly eliminate most acne blemishes and allows the skin to heal. Can be used alone or in combination with other treatment regimens. Fragrance-Free. Formulated with 2% Salicylic acid and NeoHydroxy&trade Complex and Pro-Vitamin A. 0.5 fl oz. tube.


Oil Free Lotion
SPF 15

This light, non-greasy lotion is designed to reduce the visible signs of photoaging and condition the skin, while providing broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sun protection. This product is Fragrance-Free and ideal for those who prefer a lighter moisturizer, or for use in hot, humid climates. Formulated with 4% Gluconolactone, Vitamin E and Asebiol®. 1.75 fl oz. pump bottle.


Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream

Formulated to gently exfoliate, moisturize, and restore the skin, reducing the visible signs of aging on the face and neck. This emollient cream is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and first-time AHA users. Fragrance-Free. With 10% Gluconolactone and Vitamin E. 1.4 oz. tube.


Eye Cream - PHA 4

This highly moisturizing, non-irritating cream is designed to gently yet effectively reduce dryness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the delicate eye area. Ophthalmologist tested, Fragrance-Free and hypoallergenic. Formulated with 4% Gluconolactone, Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5. 0.5 oz. tube.


Facial Cleanser PHA 4

This soap-free formulation gently exfoliates while cleansing and removing make-up without drying the skin. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and acne-prone skin, this product is the ideal first step in a NeoStrata daily skin care regimen. With 4% Gluconolactone. Fragrance-Free, Hypoallergenic. 6.0 fl oz.





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