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Fat Transfer Rebalancing Sculpture

There have been many recent improvements in fat transplantation techniques, providing for a more accurate and longer lasting result. Your own fat can be easily removed from areas where you do not want it, using only local anesthetic and then precisely placed in areas that need fat (volume) replacement. Many body areas may benefit from fat replacement, especially the aging face.

During facial microliposuction we use very small tubes (microcannulas), to carefully rebuild drooping areas of the face. Rebalancing fat can raise the brow and cheeks as well as restore youthfulness to the eyelids, lips, chin and jaw line. We often combine microliposuction with our fat transplantations, such as removing jowl fat. Most fat that is carefully transplanted survives as living tissue. Some cells do not survive the transplant procedure and therefore a series of small procedures is recommended in order to optimize the outcome.



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