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By Holly Vitchers


Not so very long ago, cosmetic procedures such as facelifts were thought to be limited to middle-aged women trying to turn back the clock.  In the past several years, the dynamics of the cosmetic surgery industry has shifted to include an increasing number of male patients.  This has to do, in part, with the increasing popularity of more non-invasive procedures that have little or no downtime and also with the fact that the job market has become more competitive than ever before.  Older candidates are pairing their experience with a younger, more vital appearance to edge out the less experienced younger generation for lucrative jobs. 

Dr. Richard Buckley of MilfordMD Skin and Laser Center Advanced Dermatology in Milford PA says” We are seeing a huge increase in the number of men interested in cosmetic procedures at our practice.  What was once almost exclusively a secret “girls’ club” has now turned the tides and is no longer limited to the female gender.  More and more men have found out about the benefits of cosmetic dermatology and are using Botox, fillers and minimally invasive procedures to erase wrinkles, remove age spots and tighten sagging skin, resulting in a younger appearance. Today men are more open to undergoing procedures such as liposuction, fat transfer and laser treatments to eliminate excess fat, replace lost volume and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

Men’s facial skin is thicker than women’s, in order to support hair growth, so   lines and wrinkles might be slower to appear.  However, factors such as genetics, unprotected sun exposure and smoking contribute to the aging process and affect men equally.  Men today are increasingly more conscious of their body image, exercising, eating healthier and watching their weight than ever before.  Why not join “the club” and get a little extra help along the way?

MilfordMD Skin and Laser Center Advanced Dermatology offers a large array of procedures, all using local or no anesthesia and with little or no downtime.  With today’s competitive job market and focus on youthful appearance, patients now have a way to give themselves a cosmetic advantage. Call MilfordMD Skin and Laser Center to find out how at 570-296-4000 and be sure to check out the website: for updates on the latest advances in cosmetic surgery and the schedule for upcoming free medical and cosmetic dermatology informational seminars.   

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